ADVANCE Software

The brain behind one-click wettability control

  • Plug-and-play approach to scientific quality tests
  • Easy-to-create automation programs extend range of function
  • Clear and instantly accessible result reviews and reports

Surface free energy in one second

Reducing five process steps to a single click

Surface free energy (SFE) determination used to be time-consuming, having to dose drops of at least two liquids, measure their contact angles and then calculate the SFE. Not anymore! ADVANCE makes the MSA carry out all these steps fully automatically within just one second, using the Liquid Needle dosing technology of the instrument. With the push of a button, drops of two liquids are dosed and recorded in parallel, followed by precise image analysis and automated SFE calculation.

Best-in-class image analysis

The ideal algorithm for real-world surfaces

Adding to the clear image the MSA optics provide, ADVANCE has its own important share in the precision of contact angle measurement. The sophisticated evaluation algorithm is very robust when it has to deal with imperfect images, which may stem from contaminations or samples that are not homogeneous. This is how ADVANCE makes fully automatic analysis almost always possible.

Versatile automation functions

Because you may have more than just one task

If you want to measure surface free energy with one click, then ADVANCE is prepared for plug and play operation. But maybe you want to know something different, for example if there are residues of a cleaning agent on your surface? Or you want to set up your QC procedure to perform multiple tests per sample? Then you can benefit from easy-to-create and very flexible automation programs, where ADVANCE combines software control of your instrument with data processing functions. With this feature, ADVANCE is ready to complete even the most complex tasks.

Clear assignment of images to results

ADVANCE – the one place where there’s order in a digital picture collection

Whether you have regular audits or you have to revisit quality tests that were made some time ago: gapless documentation of measurements is the key to successful quality control. ADVANCE supports you in this with simple one-click access to the drop image that is linked to each contact angle output. Everything that led to the specific result, i.e. the drop image as raw data, the fitted curves around it and the lines representing the contact angle, is visible at a glance. There is no need for separate file storage and tagging images – ADVANCE does the job and puts order into your growing collection of drop shape images.

Automatic result export and archiving

Leave your paperwork to ADVANCE

ADVANCE doesn’t stop supporting you once the surface free energy (SFE) result is displayed on your monitor. With comprehensive options for exporting results and reports, you can easily create a transparent archive of your quality tests. Using the automation functionality of ADVANCE it is even possible to initiate automated result exports after each analysis – as an integral part of a one-click SFE measurement.

ADVANCE – a model of intuition

The software that knows your workflow before you even start

What you need are reliable results as a basis for your decisions in quality control. What you don’t have time for is a lengthy training process. This is why ADVANCE is designed to have the most clear and easy-to-use program interface imaginable for a software intended for QC measurements of scientific value. The intuitive tile architecture of the workspace follows the logical workflow, from preparing and running a measurement to reviewing raw data, calculating and exporting results.
Functions don’t play hide and seek. All program areas are easily accessible with all relevant functions in plain view on the user interface. This is how ADVANCE makes the scientific concept of surface free energy fit for the demands of quality control.